Brisbane Office Opening

Vision Technology Systems is proud to announce the opening of their new office in Northgate, Brisbane, QLD.

The office underwent drastic renovations by the VTS team to get to where it is today, and we can confirm that all the hard work and effort has surely paid off.

The office is welcoming and vibrant, featuring spacious offices upstairs for the desk workers, including lounging areas for those well-deserved coffee breaks and casual meetings. Also located upstairs is the stock room, with all the equipment available for demo within the office.

Downstairs is the fabulous control room, where VTS staff members can control all the on-site CCTV camera and alarm systems – the best part about this is that clients are able to come into the office and test out any products they are considering purchasing.


But, the favorite feature of the new office space would have to be the luxury board room; equipped with flash tiled wall lighting, a large projector screen and an oversized meeting table.


Oh, how could I forget! VTS has two guard/ office dogs, Clay and Archie.


We spent some time with the QLD Head Technician, Ben Austin, for some insight on the new office space and to find out more about his duties within VTS on our Virtual Tour.

Come and pay us a visit in the new Brisbane VTS office, or give us a call to find out more:

19 Hamilton Street, Northgate, QLD, 4030

(07) 3166 8978



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