The Panomera phenomenon

Here at the Brisbane VTS office, we like to have fun with what we do. We have plenty of our products for display in our show room, yes for our own enlightenment but mainly for you to visit and see for yourselves how our products will better your business and its’ operations. And well, bring a bit of geeky joy your day.

One of our favorite products on display at the moment is the Panomera, a new camera technology by Dallmeier.

This innovative, unique and cost effective camera involves future-proof technology.

And we must say, it’s pretty brilliant.

We’ll give you a scenario:

A lady has her handbag snatched from the top of her car whilst she is locking her vehicle. Her vehicle is located at a distance of 90m. Not only does the Panomera have the ability to zoom right into the scene – clearly identifying the subjects, but it also continues to record the entire scene. Which means the handbag snatcher’s getaway vehicle is also captured within the frame. It’s foolproof.

There is also no need for other sensors to be fitted within a large space, as the Panomera is capable of capturing it all with no difficulty. It has a focal range of 20 soccer fields. Pretty big huh?

It also captures 51 megapixels in one time, 30 frames per second, has high-light sensitivity and multiuser capability… any more stats I need to throw at you?

See for yourselves in the Panomera promotional video.

And what makes VTS so special? We’re the only ones with this system on display. So let us talk the talk and walk the walk. Come and see for yourselves, visit our show room in Northgate and give it a spin.



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