Is Brazil ready for the security challenges of the Rio Olympics?


Of course here at VTS regardless of whether it involves our technology (obviously it would be fabulous if it did), but we are fascinated about general news on the safety and security of the world we live in. And with recent news events and prospective security threats, of course the Rio Olympics is on the radar for the risk of a potential security breach or attack. It is expected that 500,000 tourists are expected to attend, along with the many athletes and workers of course, from all over the globe.

Dedicated to avoiding a security threat, an Anti-Terrorism Centre will be promoting anti-terrorism information, training and knowledge will be provided to Police professionals, law enforcement and intelligence. There will be more than 85,000 forces, 47,000 Brazilian security professionals and 38,000 members of armed services. 90 countries will be involved in protecting the games, leading to the Rio Olympic Games being the largest security operation in the history of Brazil.

To put that into perspective, only 40,000 agents were used to protect the London Olympic Games in 2012.

There are a few factors relevant to Rio that could impact the security of the games. These include:

  • Need for public awareness and to be prepared
  • Border security
  • Securing areas surrounding the games, such as slums
  • Violent crime
  • Budget cuts
  • Political climate
  • Zika virus

There has been initiatives taken to prepare for these factors. These include:

  • Applying lessons learnt from hosting past events
  • Surveying practices actioned by other countries holding large events
  • Command and control centre
  • Screening visitors

Overall, we think Rio will be more prepared than any other large-scale event in recent times. Those in charge are hardly leaving anything to chance and every security measure possible is being taken.

All we can do is hope that the level of security and dedication to safety will deter any attack on this years games.

Read more about this here.



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