Brisbane’s Theft Hotspots


Theft often occurs when the opportunity arises; an unlocked door or an open window makes a prime target for a home or business intrusion. If an entry point is provided for a thief to do his job – of course the old mate is going to take it!

But, VTS has done the research and discovered the prime hot spots in Brisbane that are targeted for theft and robbery, so you can keep your wits about you whilst living, working or travelling through these areas.

The postcodes that have claimed the most amount of damages through insurance for home theft are:



-Sunnybank Hills


Next on the list, featuring as high for home theft are:

-Eight Mile Plains






RACQ has recorded an increase in the amount of ‘sneak raids’, which is home intrusions while residents are home. VTS would like to remind our customers to keep their windows and doors locked, even when they are home. Keep entry points secure with quality locks, screens, alarms and camera systems.

And never forget, we are here to help with all your security needs. Have a chat with any of our representatives about your insecurities and we can advise/ tailor-make a system to suit you.

Brisbane office: 07 3166 8978


Read more: RACQ reveals Brisbane’s Theft Hotspots




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